In the field of workwear, we have put our focus on the ESD clothing. The product portfolio consists of the following ESD products: T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, sweat jacket, work coat and fleece jacket. 

Suitable for Your Corporate Identity

You can determine the substance composition and the colour of the substance (according to CI). For smaller quantities you can use the standard colours.

Corporate Wear

We offer suitable individualized workwear, which are tailored to your wishes or the specifications of the corporate identity and the industry-specific requirements.

Stay High

Move your foundation even further with distinctive designs and color choices.


DRY-Touch, the certified hi-tech polyester, has functional properties that guarantee the highest quality. 


Especially in the sportswear sector, the full sublimation process offers unlimited colour and design options in DRY-Touch-quality.


For special activities such as trade fairs, events or promotions, we manufacture textiles in accordance with your corporate design to create a lasting positive memory in customers’ minds.

Make a Difference

With the design and color choices that make a difference, you will have a lasting place in your customers.


In the category of casual wear you will find a wide range of practical and comfortable textiles for all leisure activities.

According to Your Pleasure

Whether shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, jackets or leisure suits – to your taste.

Home Textile

We offer a wide selection for the whole home – from bathroom to bedroom. 

Special for Your Home

As in other product categories, this area is also custom-made.