Finishing Technologies

Which phases goes through your production ?

Finishing Technologies

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation refers to the process of the immediate transition of a substance from the solid to the gaseous aggregate state. The sublimation printing is especially suitable for breathable sportswear such as jerseys or textiles with at least 85% polyester content.

Wear Resistance

The differences to the other transfer printing technologies are that the pressure penetrates into the fabric, is not noticeable on the surface and guarantees a high washing resistance.

Digital Printing

Digital printing prints directly onto the garment without any additional material.

Trend of the New Generation

This printing method gives very good results for garments of good quality and aesthetic value. With the help of the development technology, printing machines with this printing method can easily realise any desired image, pattern and font.

Screen Printing

In the screen printing process, the stretched silk is provided with a frame and brought into a photosensitive state. The ink is pressed through the openings on the silk onto the underlying print object.

From Generation to Generation

This is a very high quality and very practical technique; the over 1000-year-old technology is still been requested a lot until today. If you want to feel the quality of this technique, here you are exactly right.


Although it has a high cost compared to printing, for centuries it has been the most suitable system for the healthcare system.

Always the Best

The embroidery makes the product very attractive due to its position on the surface. The attractiveness is also increased through the use of high-quality materials. Thus, embroidery on textiles becomes indispensable.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is a warm and dry printing technique. In view of the numerous sample and color options, it has become more of an artistic process in recent years.

High Quality

Transfer printing has no time-consuming operations. Therefore, it is significantly shorter in production time than the other printing methods. Thanks to gravure technology, even very complex designs can be perfectly printed. This technology, which is not used in other textile presses, is an important factor in the choice of transfer printing.


The application is a processing technique that is made by attaching a different piece of fabric to the fabric by various needle techniques.

Create the Difference

Application technique can be used with any material that is tightly woven and does not fade when washed. This method is preferred on patterned fabrics. Any desired motif can be implemented with this method.